father’s day blessings

Happy Father’s Day to hubby. My kids have a much better life because they have a great father.  He is everything i am not, we are one of those couples where opposites that attract have worked out. Our strengths and weaknesses balance each other out. He is my blessing and my rock.


There are some things we both agree on, one is that family has the highest significance to us and part of our life purpose. We agree that it doesn’t matter what sort of family of origin baggage we all carry, (no family is perfect) what matters is how we move forward.  We agree that connecting with God matters, that fun and laughter builds connectedness, that we should focus on our strengths and find things to do that we love.

mellyfam copy

We agree that good food means healthy food that still tastes amazing, that friends are family, that being open to change is vital and integrity and honesty matters every time.

Our Dad’s and my step father are all men we feel blessed to have/had them in our lives, so happy father’s day to Dad and Noel.  And we remember Ian.

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