things I wish someone had told me about the Ekka before i went

I hadn’t been to the  Brisbane Ekka for 24 years and my kids who are all teenagers have never had the Ekka experience. All that changed last week.



There are many things i wish someone had told me about the Ekka before i went:

1) Maps of the Ekka grounds are scarce so bring your own or download the app. My phone isn’t very smart and doesn’t do apps so i was lucky that I’d thrown in my bag a map of the Ekka I’d printed at home during the week.



2) There is next to zero parking at the Ekka, definitely do the public transport thing.  Our family always drove to the Ekka when i was a child so i just did the same. We had 6 in the car so figured it was going to be a similar price to pay for parking as it would’ve been to train it in.  Bad idea, parking was difficult to find and more expensive than anticipated. ALSO, there are no signs to tell you where the limited parking is and i got hopelessly lost looking for a park as my GPS has died…




3) No one is too told to spend time in the animal nursery. One of our favourite things. Texted hubby to ask him to build us a goat pen as we were smuggling several home in our coat pockets.  We even saw a goat give birth.  Amazing.


4) It’s freezing at night! Take warm clothes if you’re staying for the fireworks.


5) The Skyflyer (mega high chairlift) is ALOT higher than it looks when its spinning at high speed.


6) Yes the Ekka rides are better at night, the lights are very pretty, but it’s absolutely freezing whizzing around at great velocity!


7) There are lockers where you can store your stuff for $2 a day.  We would’ve taken more clothing to layer on at night if we had known that!!

IMG_98358) Check the settings on your camera before taking a dozen pictures at the highest resolution and then having hardly any space left to take pictures…


Beside all the things that went wrong, we did do one things right. I highly recommend: Take the grandparents so they can buy your kids stuff. They also may do enough funny/embarrassing things like talk to lots of random strangers that they think they’ve met before… compared to them us parents may end up looking quite normal. LOL. Seriously though, great day out was had and many indelible memories made. Glad for their company.

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