We 1)  sprint towards it and embrace it with a shriek 2) sprint away from it, recoiling  from it with a shriek 3) spend our life’s energy on a roundabout circling it or 4) a mixture of all of the above.

There are usually many transitions, there are choices and  confrontations at crossroads, times when we pivot, U-turn and go off road, arguments with self and God, GPS glitches and seasons of exhilaration, exhaustion and rest.

I am in transition. Here is a picture of my pivot point.


 “You are not called to dance solo; your life is not a one man [woman] show. You are actually a part of a master production and God is the author and director of everything that is happening. Right now you can only see your lines, but God has the full script in front of him. There are other people that he will bring across your path that you need to interact with. He sees all the people you are supposed to have a dialogue with and everyone you are going to be in a scene with.” – Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill

So begins a new step in my journey as a writer and a new someone to walk a while with. Thanks Sharon.


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