vintage lace

Sometimes an op shop brings unexpected treasure. Secreted away in a box , partially hidden i stumbled on vintage lace. Not just one type. close to 20 exquisite designs.  Some simple daisies and others more intricate.  In a rare move of self indulgence i bought the entire stash.  Then looking at all that lovely beige and white i had the irresistible urge to add some colour.

IMG_1922 copy

I love bright colours so into the dye pots went small samples of the vintage lace. Some of the lace was cut into small lengths already, others were harder decision to snip away at.

brightly dyed vintage lace

Here is the samples of a few hours worth of fun in the kitchen with saucepans full of dye.  And i had a whole lot of op shopped doilies too… now a rainbow palette.

IMG_1917 copy

dyed vintage doilies

 I achieved the darker sections in the doilies by clumping them upright in a shallow plate full of dye.

dyed vintage doilies

Hmm, now what to do with them… a great dilemma to have.

4 thoughts on “vintage lace

  1. Zoya says:

    Gorgeous. I keep on dreaming about buying lots of crochet doilies and making a kitchen curtain out of them. I think some of yours would look great decorating a simple skirt.


  2. Seaweed & Raine says:

    Oooooh, Roc! What a brilliant stash to have! 🙂 Those little flowers just make your heart melt – don’t they? I have a dress with tiny white lace daisies on it (a blast from the 60’s that belonged to my aunt) that hangs proudly in my wardrobe (waiting for the day that parts of me will be small enough again to wear it without the seams complaining!!!). I can’t wait to see what you do with all your lace and doilies. What fun 😀 Maybe we’ll see a skirt with doilies stitched on it, or perhaps you’ll make a shrug or *shock* a dress out of them if you have enough!!! You’re groovey enough to pull one off. 😉 Have fun with it all.
    She x0x


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