words on my wall

My ideal house would contain many large blank walls. Walls i would cover with artworks from my kids and some of mine, lost of photo collages and i think i’d even paint a massive picture on one.


Back to the renting reality. These artworks and photos are currently on my walls. “In this home… we do fun, we do loud, we do second chances, we do real, we do mistakes, we do I’m sorry, we do hugs, we do family, we do love.” It greets me every time i walk in the front door. It was a gift from my friend Wendy and i adore it fits our family to a T.


This second one is the last thing i see as i exit the house out the front door. A few people have commented that i have included the word disagree in the artwork, i think it fits just right for most families.  Keeping it real.


This last one is my school holiday project: to sand and repaint these photo frames and update the photos.  Since i took this picture I’ve added 5 more frames but most are blank. Love seeing all these memories smiling down on me as i climb the staircase.

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