creativity declaration

Creativity is not just paint on a canvas.  It is not specifically a song nor dancing. Creativity is not just using ones imagination or creating something.  Creativity is a mind-set, it is communication, problem solving, risk taking and innovative idea generation, and that is just dipping my toe in the water.  Creativity is the way in which we approach life and do everything we do.

 “Anything can be creative – you bring that quality to the activity. Activity itself is neither creative nor uncreative. You can paint in an uncreative way. You can sing in an uncreative way. You can clean the floor in a creative way. You can cook in a creative way.” – Osho


In order to awaken, refocus and release my creativity this is my new creativity declaration.

Every day i will intentionally stop.  Quiet pondering is not lazy, thinking time is sacred and worthwhile; it fills voids and creates sacred space in the mind and soul.  Reflection is an anchor.  To breathe is to live.  I will be most creative when i have first stopped.

I will not rush through life.  I will savour each season and take time to apply every learning. I will become a different person because i have waltzed through my day with pauses.  Yes i watched a bird fly. Yes i searched for 4 leaf clover.  Yes i walked barefoot in the park.  Yes i dropped in just to say hi! Yes i was a gongoozler (thanks Becky for that auspicious word). I’m OK that some things i do doesn’t make sense to you, we have different paths to tread.

Every day i will do. I will have a go any way.  Even when my gut-instinct tries to tell me that it’s too silly, terrible, uncomfortable, unprofessional, unusual… I will have a try. I will be braver.  I will create for myself regardless of what others think.I will say yes! more often.  I will ask others who are further on the path than i for feedback and how i can be better, clearer, softer, kinder, more succinct, more vivid, quicker, more at ease with myself and who i am.  Creativity is a discipline, i will do things whether i feel like it or not.

I will experience more.  I will regularly allocate the introvert in me to the passenger seat and talk with more people. I will read books out of my genre, view movies with subtitles and search for new music. I will attend a workshop or class, expand my vocabulary and invite people i don’t know well over for a meal.  i will go swimming in the ocean when it is chilly, I will eat foreign foods and cook from new recipes.  I will watch people. Creative people are those who are having adventures.

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