celebrating faithful creativity

My bucket list contains many crafts and learning how to felt is one near the top.  I can now flourish a bright pink texta tick next to felting. I was a total novice and its all lopsided but that’s part of the handmade charm. Here is the process in pictures.






I’m sorry to say that i left my felt at the festival and am desperately trying to track it down to get it home.  Very disappointed, hope it can be found. The festival was called Manifest. I had to fly (then a bus, and train then hitched a car ride from a friend) to a little town called Cooranbong. It was a gathering of creative Christians.  I attended a speaking workshop, a theatre workshop as well as a writers retreat by Becky de Oliveiria.  I watched a superb theatre production of Chariots of Fire called “Chariots”  by the Searchlight Theatre Company, highly recommend, one of my highlights. Eating together, walking in the late afternoon, hearing poetry and song, wandering through an art gallery, attending a drumming workshop… I am full to the brim, now i just need to be faithful to the call to be how i was designed; fully creative, and pour out what i have received to others.


2 thoughts on “celebrating faithful creativity

  1. ruthsplace says:

    Your felt looks gorgeous, such a shame it got left behind! I can hook your up with more roving suppliers if you want to do more (I spin the stuff you felted)…
    Also saw that Spotlight occasionally has packs of fibre for felting.


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