blue cushion

Blue has been my favourite colour for as long as i can remember.  We accidentally bought a blue couch a few years back (preloved can be a take-what-you-can-get business),  I put green cushions on it… and we all know what they say about blue and green.  Still there they sat, green cushions on a blue couch for two years  because i was too lazy to sew new ones; besides i liked both of them just not so much together…

rockmelon recycled cushion home

Yesterday i sewed a blue cushion for my blue couch.

rockmelon recycled cushion home 3

100% recycled fabric gifted from Grandma Barb: the letters in HOME used to be a pair of shorts and i’ve used an op-shopped vintage doily as the O.

rockmelon recycled handmade blue cushion home

I thoroughly enjoyed sewing something i get to keep, rather than sell it at the markets.  It’s been too long since i sewed something for me.

rockmelon recycled cushion 4

rockmelon recycled cushion home 2

Hmm… I am so enjoying holiday sewing.  I can cross cushions off my To Do List.

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