Queensland hail storm

We watched the storm approach fast.  The kids just had enough time to bundle the 10 chickens into their pen and run for cover when lightning cracked and then it hailed.  Not just for 1 -2 minutes of hail either but for 15 or so minutes.  The lawn turned white.


My daughter grabbed the camera and took these pics.


Hard to believe this is Queensland – the sunshine state!


When it finally stopped pelting down ice, it was so cold the hail didn’t melt, more than 2 hours later there was still plenty of hail lying around on the ground and on the road.


The kids threw on gum boots and played like it was snow.


Snow ball fights, one eyed snow man with carrot nose, they lay down in the hail and made snow angels and then jumped in the pool! (that’s what you do when you’re a kid, right?)Image

An afternoon the kids won’t forget in a hurry, they will probably tell this day to their grandkids.Image

Pity about the new seedlings hubby planted only yesterday though! Think the zucchini’s have survived but the silver beet looks beaten up!  And don’t think the rosella’s have lived to see the dawn either.  Boo!


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