Sport was never something encouraged in my family. It wasn’t discouraged just not intentionally placed in high regard either.  We didn’t sit and watch the footy, tennis, cricket or any sport on TV and we never played a sport together.  It wasn’t that we weren’t athletic, just unmotivated?? or maybe quite uncompetitive in general???  I did in fact manage to win many blue ribbons at various school sports days for running (not that i ever trained, think i just had long legs and spent every afternoon outside playing which inadvertently kept me fit). I won a medallion for best and fairest in yr 10 for winning the most at the sports carnival and i even represented my high school in yr 11 at Regionals for long distance running… (No i didn’t place.  In fact i got confused on the bush course and didn’t even finish LOL).


Hubby and i have bred another generation that is generally nonchalant about sport (though 4 of them do a lot of yelling and cheering at the State of Origin).  As a family we don’t watch any sport on TV but we do sporty things together.  As a family we throw the basketball, bat and bowl, kick balls, throw the frisbee, darts… and my son has started running.


He ran in a 5km race in September and he was very proud of making a PB of 30 mins and 25 seconds. Well done number 1 son.  Here he is holding up his place ticket, he’s putting it away to aim to beat it next year. 73rd i believe it says!


We are proud of your achievements!

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