card making makes me happy

I love the whole process of card making: the thinking up creative designs in my head, playing with bits and pieces until it feels just right and most of all i love to think about the people i plan on sending the cards out to.  I enjoy remembering the good times and celebrations and when life’s harsh desert moments hit i pray for them as i construct a special card that conveys sentiments that words can’t.  I had opportunity to sit at our kitchen table for a few days last month and make cards  with my step mother.  We chatted and stamped and played with vellum, paper, card and inks, used my Big Shots die cutter with abandon and patted each other on the back at the completion of each card! hee hee!

rockmelon recycled welcome baby bird card

Here are some of the fruits of those card making sessions.

rockmelon recycled butterfly card

rockmelon recycled card tag believed

rockmelon recycled pink bird card

The year has been super busy and i have let my energy and emotional fortitude wane to the point where i haven’t been able to bounce back after conflicts or  a week of hard yakka like i usually would.  I’ve been running on empty.  I am self medicating by sending myself to spend more time at my craft desk lately.  Amongst the paints, inks, card, fabrics and vintage wallpapers  i am happy.  I get filled.  recharged.  renewed.  Ready for whatever comes my way.

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