the P party

The very words dress up party or costume party brings great excitement to our family.  Other families may run and hide, but our family thrives.  My youngest attended a P themed party.  She really wanted something unique so there would be no costume clashes.  She spent several hours scrolling through pictures on the internet until she came up with P is for portrait…Oh and by the way mum can you paint it for me?


This is what we painted together.  I didn’t realize how detailed her jumper was until we got going, but after we finished, seems the details made all the difference.  She was so excited to parade it around at the P themed dinner.  And yes she was the only one dressed as a portrait/painting!


And yes they gave her first prize!  Not bad considering there was about 200 tweens at the event.  She was stoked to receive a free T-shirt and chocolates but the cheering from friends and supporters  (that’s how they voted) was even more cool.  For the next few days people kept stopping her to tell her how cool her costume was.  She said “Mum, i feel like a celebrity!”

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