photo shoot

One very nervous daughter of mine sat in Qualis photography’s stylish studio a few months back.  I snapped this pic of Nat with her support crew , younger sister.




A little makeup went on ( A rare treat.  I’m one of those mean mother’s who make their kids wait for things like wearing make up), the hair was done just so, the vintage clothing and heels went on and then the fussing and fiddling with props accessories and lighting began.  While i wasn’t allowed in the studio for the actual shooting of the pics this is my behind the scenes pics.



Radiant, starting to relax after the first change of outfit.


This blue outfit was her favourite.


i liked these next ones, the yellow shirt and black skirt used in the next shots were sophisticated.  Maybe its her hair too, i love it pulled back like that!



Getting silly now, enjoying the fun.




 The photo shoot is for the teen magazine GiGi (Gorgeous in God’s Image).  The mag came out in September.  There were two very excited girls who ran to the mailbox every day for 5 days until we finally received our copies (and one very excited mother who jumped around inside the house when it finally arrived).


Can scarcely believe how great she looks in print.  It was all very surreal for her.  She’s not the kind of girl to run around showing all her friends though, she is very humble and modest.  I had to do a lot of the showing off on her behalf.


GiGi magazine is done completely by volunteers.  Photography, article contributions, layout, editing and promotion is all done as a love gift for teen girls who are looking for a teen mag  with a Christian flavour. Why would people spend their time and money helping this magazine succeed?  They want to make a difference. They believe that our teen girls need an alternative magazine to what is out there.



 None of their cover girls or the girls in their feature stories are models! They are determined to show how everyday young women are beautiful in all their diverse and fascinating ways!  No sexually posed, provocative, pouty girls in this mag, just fresh-faced, vibrant young women who show beauty inside and out.  There are no ads for sexily named perfumes or fashion that looks like it’s falling off ultra skinny models in this mag.  No smouldering  guys with bare chests looking air brushed cool either.  GiGi is about real people, real stories and real issues our girls face.


A teen magazine that promotes confidence, inner strength, uniqueness, positive values and self esteem in teen girls? Yes please!  A teen magazine that promotes modest but classy fashion, simple, natural beauty, wholesome foods for body and soul?  Yes please!  I highly recommend  GiGi for teen girls 13 years plus (and their mother’s and father’s need to read it too).  They sold out almost instantly of this vintage edition that my daughter is pictured in, but they have just reprinted a few, so if you want one get in quick.  Best option is to subscribe here.

Thanks Qualis Photography, White Lace & Promises set designers, Esther, Martha, Stephanie, Zorayda & Maria.  You are advancing God’s Kingdom. xxxxx

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