braided rug

I started making a braided rug by upcycling our old T-shirts.

rag rug rope 2

I cut the shirts into thin strips about 6cm wide and linked them all together. I used about 12 T-shirts.  Then i sat in front of the telly and watched a few movies while i braided them together into one long coil.


Then a year later after the start of this project, i changed my mind about the black and wanted to add more purple.  So i unbraided it all and rebraided it.   I quite enjoyed the braiding, found it relaxing really, good thinking time.


So this is the finished product.  Despite my best go x2 it is still lumpy.  Will sit and enjoy looking at it until i decide it i have to unpick it and resew.  I cannot understand why it is puckering, i’ve tried everything!  My youngest tried it on as a sombrero, but i wasn’t quick enough to get a snapshot!IMG_9992


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