he puts up with a lot

I nag him to pick up his clothes from the floor while i leave paint brushes soaking in glasses and stamping paraphernalia all over the kitchen sink the dining table and my desk.   I litter the outdoor furniture with half-painted items of furniture and paint tins yet if his shoes or towel are out-of-place i all too easily enjoy pointing out his error.  The tidiest person in the world he is not, but what he is, is a diligent, energetic, affectionate and fun-bringing Dad.


I met Brad when i was 21.  At 21 i didn’t have a check-list for prospective life partners that included great Dad.  It was all about whether he was hot LOL… and when it began to get serious, what his character was like.  But i never remember thinking about what sort of Dad he might make should we end up forever together and have children.  But it’s not luck that he is a great Dad, some of it is character, some of it is the wonderful modelling that his parents did, some is living submitted to a higher power and some looks alot like hard work!!!


Love you, glad you enjoyed your Father’s Day juggling pins and our BBQ at Bribie Island, even if you did have to do the BBQing!  Thanks for putting up with me and my habits and hang ups.  I love watching you be Dad to our three.  They are blessed.

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