When we are feeling cheeky we call him Chip, as in chip off the old block!  I’ve missed him this week, he’s been away at an excursion to Canberra (yes, even home schoolers have excursions).  IMG_7510

Gee… it’s been quiet though.  LOL!   My sentimental state reminds me I missed blogging his birthday this year so, voila!


Son, i can always count on you for a billion hugs every day.  That is a very special gift to bring to this earth.




You are a natural at athletics: you can catch, throw, hit, kick, balance or run around anything with style and ease.  I am envious! Loved our time riding our bikes and rip sticking at the local skate park in the sun.


Lunch out was your pick.

Note to Sizzlers manager: when we don’t order drinks yet are charged for them and then arrive home and notice and ring you to sort things out and get an OK to bring the receipt in for a refund, please note it in your little managers book, customers don’t like arriving for their refund to observe you looking at them blankly, basically accuse you of being a  liar as you grudgingly hand over a refund with a scowl (exit soapbox rant, take a breath).


We were joined by Nana and Poppa for a birthday dinner.  Smashed up jaffas totally covered  your chocolate birthday cake, we all went to bed with a smile.  We smile because we love having you in our family!


Love you tonnes, mum xxx

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