highly commended

i loved to draw when i was a teenager.  I buried myself in art and drawing, it was my solace.  I sketched and doodled all through school.  In fact i often did my art homework during Maths class.   Though i considered studying art i thought it would be a dead-end, so i abandoned the dream and did something i liked but didn’t love – naturopathy.  I have no idea how the decision to be a naturopath came about but it seemed like a good idea at the time… oops, now i’m raving.


All of  that to say that Miss 15 3/4 received a highly commended award for a drawing she entered in the local show and i am so proud!  She is horse obsessed and has been sketching horses (and no other animal) for many years.  This year i made a stand and told her she had to draw something new.  So she took up the challenge and has sketched two puppies, a cat, an owl, falcon, a wolf and some people.  I loved her sketch the Lone Wolf so much i urged her to enter it in the local Pine Rivers show and just as back up she picked one of her Arabian sketches to enter too.



The Arabian received the highly commended award.  Not bad since it is the first colour sketch she has done!!  All her other sketches have been in graphite, no colour.



Still love the Arabian tho…  So proud that her persistence has increased her artistic ability, well done.



3 thoughts on “highly commended

  1. Sara says:

    Rochelle, her drawings are eye – poppingly good. Congratulations on the award. Love the boldness of entering things in the show. I really enjoy reading your blog. You write thoughtfully & in your own voice. love, Sara


  2. Seaweed & Raine says:

    Wow! Congrats Natty! What an achievement. Both are gorgeous pictures. You know Roc, if she keeps this up you might need to start selling some in your shop!
    Have a brilliant weekend
    Sheree x0x


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