winter feelings

Sometimes life just feels wintery, like summer is a long way off, that things are  a little clouded, a little chilly and way too busy to sit and enjoy things like marshmallows in front of a roaring fire…

You know your life is too busy when:

the-list - Copy

1) Your holidays feel just like another day at work packed with schedules, lists and goals.

2) You run around every day trying to tick off as many things off your to-do lists as you can and they are never completed, AND you feel guilt when said to-do lists remain unticked.

3) You fantasize about exotic locations where healthy drinks and food are served to you while you lie on the beach sleeping or crocheting or simply reading a book for fun not work.

4) Your mind has difficulty getting out of high gear while your body has difficulty getting out of first gear.

5) You still feel tired even after sleeping in.


So to counter balance out some of those winter feelings i’m finding things to be grateful for this week:

My children bring me great joy with their attitude of friendship and caring toward each other.

Friends who spontaneously invite you to share in their simple evening meal when you drop in unexpectedly.  Grateful not only for the food and company but for their generosity when you know they are struggling financially, yet are generous with everything they have.

Warm socks on cold evenings.

That my husband thoughtfully, on his own initiative put through loads of washing, hung them out and took them off the line.

Fresh basil for pizza in my garden and lovely brown eggs from free range chickens that have names and get cuddled daily.

My electric  blanket, turn it on before we get in, then turn it off… bliss.  One of my favourite things in winter.

Baby chicks that play and peck and chirrup endlessly.


A husband who loves the real me and who doesn’t mind it when i don’t wear make up, do my hair or shave my legs all week.

Hearing my husband and daughter play guitar together and sing in harmony.

Hope in my future.

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