never too old for the park

Lured my family to the local park for a photography session disguised as  a play day. LOL.


Hubby was teaching our daughter to fly the kite but the wind only whispered and the kite went up then slowly down.


 Great to wear a T shirt after 5 days of rain, loving Queensland in winter.


I am one of these mean mothers that drags her kids away from the laptops and DS to experience sunshine on their skin and fresh air in their lungs.  They whinge leaving home  for the park yet have a ball when they arrive.


I watch my kids play together, laugh and hang out and believe that one of the reasons they have so much fun together is that we homeschool.  It has bonded them so amazingly.  We have also always said to them they don’t always have to like each other but respect for one another is imperative, and we reinforce that culture as best we can.


Never too old for the park, makes the heart smile.


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