I Made it to the Front Page of Madeit!

Once upon a time in Handmade Land, rockmelon recycled had a little Madeit Shop .   One day when a weary rockmelon was checking her emails after a long day, joy alighted on her shoulder.  One of  rockmelons listings had been shared with Madeit Land followers in a new way.  rockmelon’s artwork had made it to the front page of Madeit! So excited for that little splash of joy in my busy week.

front page madeit

Within a few days that very special piece of recycled, remnants and vintage art had sold!  So excited to post a unique art piece off to NSW.

rockmelon recycled be you1

One of my fav. quotes: Be You:  Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

rockmelon recycled be you3

rockmelon recycled be you2

PS i still have my Etsy shop too, just need to relist a few things.  Hooray for holidays, on my list (along with cleaning my fridges and the shower) is blog my year!  Oh and read the blogs i’ve missed out on so far this year!  Comment here if you’d like a visitor to your blog!

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