Forty is the place i am.  I have just turned that corner to discover 40 is not a corner, it is a place on a mountain, not at the top, but not at the bottom. It is moving up the mountain of life and I am not sitting; i am climbing, walking, enjoying the scenery, journeying with others, picking wild strawberries… i am not afraid of being fabulous and flourishing at 40, i relish the wisdom i am gaining, the fresh perspectives i see from this height and the challenges i am grabbing with both hands and my heart.

Girraween 2012 (37)

Though i celebrate 4o years of life experience and acknowledge that those life experiences have had a hand in weaving me, i choose to leave all those life experiences that hurt at the foot of the mountain and dotted along the way under boulders.  I vow not to carry baggage that hinders, i walk on with just what is in my hands and my heart.

Girraween 2012 (30)

So this is me at 40.

i am celebrating my journey.

Upwards.  Always upwards.


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