finishing 2012 – byron bay

Byron Bay – a fabulous place for people watching and the last stop of our family holiday.  My kids and hubby often say ‘ Look out, Mum’s on holiday,’ when we holiday.  What they mean is, mum is relaxed, she’s not organizing anyone , she’s not glued to her desk crafting, she cracks jokes, she puts down everything to play and go for walks.  When they say this phrase there’s a tiny bit that is sad.  Sad that mostly i am task focused, working or schooling and i let life get in the way of relaxing my guard and playing.

rockmelon recycled Surf Byron Sam04

So we walked, swam, ate ice cream, hired a surfboard and took it in turns to fall off it, BBQ’d, lay around reading books in the heat of the day and drinking a coffee in the double hammock as the day cools.

rockmelon recycled Girraween 2012 6

At the start of our holiday i put forth a challenge to each of us to learn three new things/ skills.  I chose to conquer crochet (forgot to take pics), learn Psalm 139 off by heart (half accomplished), and learn to juggle.  Boy is juggling harder than it looks and i learned to throw and catch for about 15 seconds then it fell apart.  hee, hee.

rockmelon recycled byron bay 1

Among other things, Miss 15 learnt to tight rope walk, Miss 11 started to learn to  harmonize and our son learned to say the alphabet backwards.

rockmelon recycled Girraween 2012

Hubby was the surprise, he learnt to knit. 

rockmelon recycled Girraween 2012 6

On our last morning we got up before the sun and drove to the lighthouse .  We experienced an exquisite sunrise.  Altogether, talking and goofing off and getting lost in the colours.

rockmelon recycled byron bay 2

rockmelon recycled byron bay 3

rockmelon recycled byron bay 9

Sunsets awaken the soul.

rockmelon recycled byron bay 10

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