finishing 2012 – girraween

rockmelon recycled Girraween 2012 7

Family holidays had us at Girraween National Park.  I have memories of camping there with my family when i was about  7 or 8 and remember the vastness of Pyramid rock and the gruelling climb.  We are not a family to shy away from challenges so up we went.

rockmelon recycled Girraween 2012 4

Hubby has some back issues so we made a pact that if he needed to retire before the top we were OK with that, but no one else was exempt.  Once we started the climb we would continue to the top no matter what.  Onwards and upwards.  There were a few tears and many rest stops but we all made it.  Victory was sweet and so was the chocolate we ate from the summit.

rockmelon recycled - girraween 2

Girraween abounds with wild flowers, lizards, turtles and birds.  Loved having daily visits from a female Bower bird; she perched on the chair next to us and flirted with her purple/azure eyes.  We BBQ’d and melted marshmallows into the evenings, sat around and read and talked.  We swam in the take-your-breath-away-water- and-i’m-not-exaggerating water!  Freezing is terrible yet somehow thrilling as well.  We walked the tracks and wandered about with the  camera capturing the kids at play, relaxing.

Girraween 2012 (15)


Happy.  Alone yet together moments.  Quiet whispers of God in nature. Delightful.  Dull roar of contentment.

Girraween 2012 (111)

i remember picking a  sprig of mistletoe when i was 16 from Girraween and pressing it between the pages of my Bible, waiting and wishing for love.  I had that sprig for a long time, wonder if it’s still there in my old Bible… it’s not the Bible i use very often, i have other favourites.

rockmelon recycled Girraween 2012 8

And now here i am with my 3 kids, and my eldest is 15.   By my side is one who doesn’t need mistletoe to coerce him to kiss me!  Loved from all sides and from above.


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