pray, write, speak

My heart has drifted, and i have been drawn away from the world of blogging and crafting into the real world of work, work, work. Nothing really paid but we have moved house with Hubby’s new job and i have rekindled seriously my writing passion with long hours writing my book, doing whatever i can to make a difference at my church, and i have had the privilege of speaking to groups of young women about girl stuff and preaching in my church.  Pray, write speak; that is my living, breathing reality at the moment. House is dirty, relaxation time is pretty much nil so crafting time is precious. But i did make a few things in the holidays.

rockmelon recycled travel to find beautiful2

rockmelon recycled travel to find the beautiful

This one uses a vintage map of London, stamping and a beautiful quote.  We all should have this on our wall and hearts!

Did i say that i am loving it?  The pray, write, speak thing.  Perfect for me, really where i want to be.  Question is how does one get three very settled homeschooled children out of the house and onto the school bus??? Just kidding, i still feel a call to be at home with my precious 3 in this season of our life too but finding  Yr 10, yr 8 and yr 7 a challenge to juggle.  Thanks for visiting, so good to be back, i will get back to reading everyone’s blogs every Thursday night again asap … think i have a meeting this Thursday night tho…

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