Finishing 2012 – holiday at coffs harbour

Coffs Harbour means we stop for a family pic at the Big Banana.  We stop every time for this pic, it’s become our family tradition.  (We just needed Leah with us!)

Big Banana - Copy

Big Banana (5) - Copy

Hubby ate his first choc-coated banana at Coffs.  I am lucky enough to have grown up with a brother who liked to make choc coated bananas for my sister and i on a regular basis. All three kids gave it the seal of approval too.

rockmelon recycled at Muttonbird Island

rockmleon recycled on Muttonbird Island

rockmelon recycled at Muttonbird Island

It poured with rain but we still managed to ride bikes along the sea break, swam, walked Mutton Bird Island, saw turtles in the wild, walk along the beach and jumped on giant pillows of air at the caravan park (you know the ones i mean).

We love, love, loved the dolphin and seal show at Dolphin Magic!  So amazing to get so close, and hey i got chosen to help feed the dolphin by waving madly and standing up as soon as i they asked for a volunteer.

Dolphin Marine Magic Coffs 4

Dolphin Marine Magic Coffs 1

We fed penguins and seals, and got kissed by a dolphin and a seal.  So interactive, so fun, so awestuck by what God had created.

Dolphin Marine Magic Coffs 2

Dolphin Marine Magic Coffs 3

Dolphin Marine Magic Coffs 5

Highly, highly recommend Dolphin Marine Magic for families and overseas tourists alike.  There is nothing like this place anywhere in Australia.

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