holiday adventures 2012, minnie water

We holiday before everyone else is on holiday; another bonus of home schooling.  It means a lot less crowds and off-peak prices at accommodation.  It also means we don’t pre book anything, we just turn up, and when we’ve had enough of one place we move where the wind takes us to the next place.  This is my personality coming through, hubby would much rather pre-book everything and be locked in.  First place we stayed was Illaroo camping area at Yuraygir National Park, NSW.  A friend had sent me a link before we left and it just seemed the perfect amount of hours drive from our house (about 3 1/2) and perfect for adventuring.  Despite it not have showers (we took 2 solar showers) the scenery was spectacular, we went to sleep listening to the waves crashing and was very relaxing (despite leaving our solar panels at home and have to eat a freezer and fridge chock full of perishables asap, which led to interesting food combinations to do with sorbet.)

Minnie Water 2012 (7) - Copy

We spent lots of time at the rock pools, collecting shells and finding creatures: sea urchins, cowries, octopus, sea stars, sea cucumbers, sea anemones, sea slugs, hermit crabs… and a few wondrous things i couldn’t identify.

Minnie Water 2012 (27) - Copy

Minnie Water 2012 (18) - Copy

We had a marvellous time in God’s book of nature.

Minnie Water 2012 (24) - Copy

They swam, explored the caves, build elaborate sand dams and other constructions and snorkelled.  i walked and sat and stared at the waves and began to unwind.  It always takes me a few days to immerse myself in holiday mode…

carpet p

carpet python

We saw this snake not far from our camp-site and just had to stop and admire its stunning colouring as it sun-baked before moving slowly off the road.  We also had the privilege of Red-backed Fairy-wrens visiting our camp-site every morning and afternoon.  Didn’t catch them on camera unfortunately, but here’s a pic from Tyto Tony who has captured them brilliantly.

We climbed the local sand dunes (puffing all the way up, reminding myself that my desk job needs an exercise component)  and we jumped off them just because we could.

Minnie Water 2012 (34) - Copy

We sat around the fire every evening, burnt marshmallows til they were gooey and after the kids crashed into bed we stayed up at the fire and talked, just the two of us with no glow of the laptops to disturb us… and we ate chocolate.  Blissful start to our holiday adventures.

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