letter to my 18 year old self

Dear 18-year-old self,

On the outside i can see a confident young woman running toward her destiny, hands up, embracing life, whistling her own tune, not concerned with what anyone thinks of her.  Inside i can see someone less confident than her exterior self, who is looking for love, acceptance, passion, excitement and a life of purpose.  So my advice to you dear 18-year-old heart is:  1) Creating is like breathing.  Go and study art, it is where your heart is and your soul finds refreshment.  Art and creating even in a mediocre way (and you may be brilliant), will bring a life of joy much more than the 4 1/2 years studying naturopathy and herbal medicine that you will only ever spend 6 months working in.   2) Don’t hurry love.  Your current flame is not the one, neither is the one after him.  The very first time a guy shows that he does not respect your intellect, your heart or your body; walk away and don’t linger!  You will establish your personal identity clearer and develop so much more personality and confidence without a guy.  Love and spend more time with your girlfriends, some of them are your forever friends.  3) Have adventures for adventures sake.  Travel and experience the world, climb mountains to watch the sunrise, constantly devour books, meet new people, be ever seeking to extend your comfort zone,  sample culinary delights,  learn a language, watch foreign films, sleep outside…  Adventures enrich life. 4) Read the Ancient Word and live it deeply, it will comfort you always, give you power, purpose and peace.  God wants to be your centre, let Him. 5) Rise above all the difficult stuff, change starts with you.  Only one is enough!  I would tell my 18-year-old self to write, dance, laugh, paint, splash, play, dream, create, hug & sing more!

Having written all that, i want to say that i live a blessed  life and understand that the tapestry of experiences has woven me into who i am today and i am OK with that, i love who i am and i love my life!  I dug in some old boxes of photos and could only find 2 pictures of me by myself at 18 years, and one is blurry.  Gotta love that 80’s perm!

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