what am i making?

This week i have taken recycling to an entirely new level.  This is the project i have spent a few hours working on this week.  It has involved lots of cutting and braiding and the next step which i haven’t shown has involved a lot of hand sewing.

Just grabbing a few hours here and there has helped keep my sanity, you crafters all know what i mean.  Crafting is a sacred place where i go to refuel.  Really happy how this  little project is going. Can you guess what i am making?    Loving the colours and the texture, hopefully can put some hours into it on Sunday… tho i may spend the day sleeping (have been so busy with home school, church stuff and rockmelon recycled business stuff, feeling at the edge of exhaustion).

Playing here at My Creative Space as usual.   I always try and visit everyone who posts and comment on as many as i can, it’s my Thursday night ritual… except tonight i’m going to bed right now without reading even one.

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