i am a starter

i love/ adore/ thrive with starting things.  I love new challenges, learning a new skill, new is exciting… the down side to this is things get very boring for me quickly and i have a leaning towards not finishing things.  Despite promising myself i wasn’t allowed to pick up my new, unused crochet hook until i’d finished my socks, i did! (Um … it’s three of my 12 things and because i am running out of time… and i went camping… and couldn’t very well pack my sewing machine… and i need to follow tutorials on the web to finish my socks… and i felt like it) i picked up a crochet hook for the first time and followed instructions in a crochet book.

Above is my first attempt on some pinkish op shopped cotton.  Got bored with that pretty quick even though i hadn’t really mastered it!  Tried a flower. Tutorial i used is here.

OK so it’s wonky and i can’t really see the 5th petal and it’s all gappy, but it sure made me smile to learn something new.  I could feel those little neurons firing up at this new task!  Grow brain, grow!

Now that i’ve broken the finish-your-socks-first-rule i can begin thinking about starting something with some very, very special purple fibre that i got for my birthday back in December from SIL.  This wool is drool worthy, just worried i won’t do it justice… what to make, what to make… socks?

Are you a starter?  Do you finish well?  Or do you have a house cupboard full of good starts?

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