pots gardening

Herbs in pots are the limit to my garden at present.  When we bought this house to renovate, we knew we wouldn’t have time to garden as well, but my when my mum visited she bought us  a bunch of seedlings she planted with the kids into pots.  Thanks Mum!  All the herbs are growing so well (probably because the pots live just outside the school room door and all my kids prefer watering the plants than maths… hmm i’m with them!)

We use lots of basil on our pizzas, but have not harvested the rosemary, oregano, mint or thyme yet.

And what is that green alien growing in with the herbs?  Tomatoes just seem to pop up everywhere even where they have not been planted.  Anyway, little tomato you are welcome… when you are all grown up we will eat your children… hee hee hee!

Blogtoberfest: I’ve missed a few but will keep on posting!

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