three of twelve

My resolutions are like my perpetual to-do list for the year.  This year i am doing 12 things.  This post is about number 3 of twelve.  Eat for Health: Reduce sugar intake, increase raw fruit and veggies  increase water, eat more from our garden.  I give myself 8.5 out of ten for this resolution so far.  We have dramatically reduced our sugar intake (my kids rarely notice the decreased amount in cookies etc), our new snack regime is hummus & rice crackers / carrot sticks or popcorn or a handful of nuts and once a day a piece of fresh fruit.  I make cookies or muffins a couple of times a week too and i slip in almond meal instead of some of the flour to boost the protein content.

Reason we’ve reduced our sugar intake?  We have read the above book Sweet Poison and read lots of info like this article and clip and this article.

BONUS: I have lost about 5-6 kgs by simply changing my diet: reduced sugar and increased protein!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!  My skin is clearer too.

3 thoughts on “three of twelve

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    Yeah sugar is quite the enemy to the human body – just think about how much sugar cane you would have to chew to get 1 tsp of ranulated sugar! And unfortunately I am addicted to it. I seriously need to get back to what I was doing pre-baby. I felt so much better then. Long live fresh fruit for sweet stuff. 🙂


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