pillows – another two

Looks like my sewing machine needs a service, i just can’t get it to sew properly, the back thread is all loose and uneven and it skips stitches… BUT before it went dysfunctional i managed to finally finish this cushion: BLISS (gifted and gone to its new home),

and whip up these two: HOME in retro red flowers,

and  HELLO with a lovely spring background that i adore.

These two will head to markets when i finally get back to attending them again, i have a wedding to go to and a weekend in Sydney this month…

As with all rockmelon recycled pillows, they are made from recycled, remnants and vintage fabrics!  The HOME retro red flower pillow used to be a doona and spring HELLO pillow is a curtain remnant.

i am participating in Blogtoberfest at 1 saw you dancing!

2 thoughts on “pillows – another two

  1. Catherine says:

    How frustrating to have your machine play up on you but lucky you were able to finish the pillows without any problems. Lovely colour combinations and your applique is so neat, I find that so tricky to do.


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