octoberfest: whale watching – birthday bliss

We have never been whale watching and hubby’s birthday seemed like the ideal opportunity to splash out, even though it meant dragging ourselves out of bed at 7 o’clock!  Birthday mornings are usually spent wallowing, but not this year.  He unwrapped his pressies while eating brekkie, and i was packing the picnic lunch, printing the secret address to our surprise destination, worrying about parking and watching the clock (usually his job).  He drove following ‘Daisies’ directions (our GPS) and i could tell on arrival that he’d guessed our destination, tho he acted surprised and happy so the kids wouldn’t be disappointed.

We cruised up the river  under a warm winter sun out to sea .  Check out the cap that our 11-year-old made Dad! B-rad it says!

Had an amazing day with the whales slapping, splashing, diving and breaching (in the distance).  Enjoying our new camera immensely! Would thoroughly recommend the cruise we used: Whales in Paradise!  Their service was friendly for the entire family, knowledgeable,   best price, they have  smaller vessel than others so there are no crowds or noise  5 stars from us.  Several of the other whale watch tours wouldn’t even return my call promptly when i left a message.

These are the best two photos from the day, they move so quick we missed a lot of the action with the lens, but it recorded in our minds and hearts forever.  So stunning!

Then we had a picnic at the park and birthday cupcakes… and we sang off-key and as loudly as we could.  We even took 1 candle that the sea breeze kept trying to blow out!  Great day celebrating a great person! B i love you!

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One thought on “octoberfest: whale watching – birthday bliss

  1. Catherine says:

    It’s fun giving birthday surprises, it sounds like your planned day turned out perfectly. I like the way you ended your day, park, cake and singing I bet your husband was so happy.


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