father’s day Lego

Father’s day often falls on hubby’s birthday … but not this year, so we did 2 super celebrations to show him that we think he’s great!

Father’s Day was first and we did brekkie in bed complete with Lego family sculpture accompanying the feta, spinach & mushroom omelette.  Our 13 year spent a considerable amount of time raking through his huge Lego collection finding the absolute perfect people and accessories to represent each of us.

Hard to see in this picture but here i am sporting my trusty broom – hmm me thinks i am misrepresented, i certainly do less housework than craft some days!  Surely Lego has produced a little Lego sewing machine i could sit at???

The kids are all represented well: Miss 14 feeding an apple to Sunny her favourite horse at horse riding, Master 13 with his fav hat and his dart gun that he loves to ambush us with, (he is holding a fish in the other hand, representing JJB his axolotl).  Miss 11 is represented with 3 of our beloved chickens.

Went slot car racing (best fun ever), BBQ’d in the Park, sat and read a book… love relaxing with the family.

Made his favourite meal for tea, vegetarian sausage rolls with homemade potato wedges and vegies.  Totally spoilt!  Totally worth it, best Dad to our kids i could ever hope or wish for!

Dad, hope you too had a great day too travelling in your camper, seeing the sights, eating under the stars, loving life with Gail!  Happy Father’s  day 2012! 

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