my creative space – bunting

I’ve been cutting and cutting and cutting little triangles; pink, lilac, red, blue, cream, lime green, orange, spots, stripes and patterns with lizards and firetrucks.

Splashes of colour for rockmelon  recycled bunting is such a happy thing to sew.

I love it that i can cut one little flag and put it away.  I love that i can sew one little flag and walk away and do something else. Love investing in bite sized projects after a month of hell busy-ness and everyone in the family being sick with flu except me, so i’ve played nursemaid for 2 weeks. 

i have enjoyed finding the beauty in my fabrics: every sheet and skirt i recycled the fabric from i pondered their stories.  How many skirts were worn by nervous girls to their first job?  How many shirts were worn by mothers holding sweet-smelling babies?  How many vintage sheets have sat in the cupboards of little old granny’s and only put on the beds for when wonderfully spoilt grandkids come to stay?  How many little girls ran around and jumped on the trampoline in sunshiney dresses?  I upcycle clothing and sheets into sweet bunting that held special memories and untold secrets… i like that!

Quite a few bright fabric remnants i used was given to me by my sister, so i feel blessed by her generosity.

i’ve done a few pastel buntings for nurseries and littlies birthdays, a red and cream one which would stand out for a wedding or engagement, and a bold and bright bunting that just makes an occasion come alive. They are each a whopping 5 m in length have 21-22 flags sewn together with cotton twill heading tape..

Find my ethical recycled bunting on etsy: rockmelon – recycled, remnants & vintage.

Other Creative types can be found here!

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