ten things i have made – number 10 – dyeing doilies

Dye plus a batch of doilies equals a messy kitchen for a week; it’s addictive, you will skulk around the house, prowling for things to dye! I found these great doilies in the opshop, looks like someone had unpicked a tablecloth, thanks so much you saved me hours and hours of work.

I also bought the dyes (unopened, contained full instructions)  at the oppy too, amazing what people throw out, so instead of paying $9 per colour i paid just $2…

 These doilies i put on a tray and dropped colour on via an eye dropper.  The colours turned out quite soft and ran into each other as expected but i thought it was an interesting look. 

Above are some of the doilies i dipped and left in dye (except the green one which was decorated via eye dropper).  I took a bunch to the brand new monthly handmade Creative Markets at Murrajong Rd, Springwood as sets of drinks coasters and i sold half!  Thanks to my cousin Rebecca for that suggestion.

Above i am re-dying a yellow doily buy plonking its skirt in maroon dye.  I didn’t even string it up, it just sat fine.

5 tips on dying i learned through mistakes experience:

  1. Follow the instructions (including wet the fabric first as otherwise the dye doesn’t steep as well)
  2. Break all the rules. I didn’t want my dye to keep boiling in a saucepan (splashing my second colour) so i just used boiling water in a glass dish.  When the dye mix got cool i microwaved it or used a water bath on the stove til was heated through again.
  3. Rinse really, really, really well! Really!!  i thought i’d rinsed well but when i threw them in a rinse cycle in my washing machine  some of the colours ran into each other slightly.
  4. Wear gloves!
  5. Use tongs in hot dye!

I have frozen my dye batches hoping to use them again, i’ll let you know how it goes!

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