We said goodbye to grandpa a little while back – even when they make it to 100 years and ‘aren’t expected to live much longer’ and even when they stop eating and just lie there, it’s still hard.  So today a tribute to a fine gentleman, hubby’s grandpa.

There were yellow roses of remembering for the coffin, laid on top by the 4 grandchildren.  It seemed fitting: they were Beverley’s favourite flower (the mother-in-law i never met) and they are our remembrance flower for Delrose.  It was our children’s first funeral and they coped well because we talked about it a lot and they knew what was going to happen step by step.  I think it helped that my hubby took the time to say goodbye when Grandpa stopped communicating and eating.  It was comforting to know he sat with Grandpa, held his hand, said a prayer and sang him a song from all of us to say goodbye.

Goodbye for now but not forever Grandpa!  I look forward to your awesome bear hugs and your bristly kisses in heaven! Between hubby and i we now officially have no grandparents left.  The end of their legacy… but time to ensure we leave a legacy ourselves.

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