I was cleaning out my pictures file on my laptop when i realised with chagrin i never blogged my son’s birthday – 13 and still likes to hold my hand and hug me in public  – what a lucky mother i am.  After an extended birthday breakfast and a hunt around the yard for pressies, we did a little of this:

and quite a bit of this:


He got  new scooter so we did that too… PHEW!

Then we ate his favourite meal and while he was distracted i snuck out to the front door with his birthday cake. I knock and he answers it and there i am standing there with his cake all lit up and we all start singing and laughing hysterically – priceless.

Home made carrot cake, no tthe usual packet mixes i do for birthdays… great choice son, haven’t made it in years.  We think you’re super, we think you’re smart, we think you are nutty too, we love everything about you!  Blessed birthday to my 13 year old Sam, love having you as part of our family! xx 

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