glorious orange roses – my creative space

Orange roses would not have been my logical choice, but when hubby came home with a bouquet i became a devoted fan.  Their colour is absolutely glorious!

Also included was hubby’s tiny handwritten message curled up in  a bottle with sand and few of the tiniest shells ever, which are so meaningful as we both have salt water in our veins.  

Just wanted to share Hubby’s creativeness… i do love him – clothes, wet towels and shoes strewn across the house and a leaning toward disorganization and all – sigh!

Maybe this post should be God’s Creative Space as He is the master designer who hand moulds glorious roses in the bud?

Have a glorious day!

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2 thoughts on “glorious orange roses – my creative space

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    Stunning blooms Roc! And I think B1 did VERY well (But then, orange being my fave colour I might just be a bit biased)… Yellow would be my next choice for roses. 🙂 Love, love, LOVE the little message in a bottle – where on earth did he find a cute bottle like that?


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