10 things i’ve made – number 8

A few hours on Sunday,

a little bit of paint to recycle the frame,

a vintage wallpaper bit all the way from scarlettlime, (love, love love)

a few little scraps of fabric and my trusty sewing machine.

Sometimes i really love the things i make, this is one i truly do.  Getting ready for the markets this Sunday at Old Burleigh Town Rd, Broad Beach the lovely Gold Coast, drop in to see many artists and buy jams and fresh fruit and veges.

I had an experience this last week when someone really had a verbal go at me and my family.  Upon reflection and admitting that i don’t always say and do everything 100% right during a confrontation, i refuse to let other people’s baggage alter my state of being.  I’m far from perfect, but through all my challenges, i believe that i was created with the purpose of making a difference on this earth and in the lives of others and that includes have difficult conversations.   Sharing my life journey with others, and reading your life journey helps shape my character & encourages me to be changing into a person who better reflects all the good things in life.  More on me and my life philosophy here.

So this art piece is from my soul – i am really happy, content and confident in who i am, reconciled about where my life journey and all its twists and turns has taken me and i wouldn’t choose to be anyone different.  I love my life!

I am HAPPY just being MYSELF!  Hope you relate and may joy follow you today!

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