10 things I’ve made – number two

Love, love, love chipboard, it never seems to date and is so incredibly versatile.  I always seem to have off cuts, here is what i did with some little rectangles i had left over from a larger project.

I love scrapbooking the man in my life, we take a lot of pictures of our kids but never enough of us… who would take it off us?  Oh yeah the kids… who seem to delight in chopping off our head or tilting the camera or seem to move the camera in a downwards motion when they click… hello blurry

Some of these pics are over 10 years old now… when the kids were babes and dating (what is that?) and time alone together was scarce, treasured snaps of happy times.

What a great journey we have had together, we’re a bit heavier these days, we have a few grey hairs (him hee, hee), a few crinkles grace our faces but they are from laughing and smiling and making memories i cherish…

the affection and intimacy of loving the same person for 17 years far exceeds any of my expectations.  If i could line up all the men in the world B, i’d still choose you!

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