my creative space – 10 things i’ve made number 1

sometimes i spend way more time ogling others people’s work and thinking ‘i could make that’ so i have taken the last few weeks to ‘do that’ instead of spending time reading about what others are making.  This is also part of 4 of my twelve.  So here goes post ’10 things i’ve made, post 1.’

I’ve made an eleven year old party pretty special.  She chose a spy themed party so we did spy invitations with a secret password hidden in size 6 font.  We also printed the invites in reverse font so the kids had to spend time reading it backwards or hold it up to a mirror.

Here are the birthday eye spy cupcakes, iced by the birthday girl and i. Gorgeous green plate was of course op shopped.

Also featured was my glorious wooden cake stand to display the cupcakes on.  Her smile says a thousand words of thanks.

They drank i Spy Juice (crushed pineapple, a thin slice of lime, Creaming Soda and a few blueberries).

We cut fruit slices into shapes with cookie cutters and put on kebab sticks, top and tailed with a strawberry.  

Another great idea that worked really well was to put a small amount of lollies into shot glasses (plastic) to discourage extravagant consumption, most kids only took one (no pics sorry, they looked very cute).

We did lots of puzzles and silly spy games including ice bowling (a large round block of ice  ie water frozen in  a balloon, used to knock over tin cans), using a magnifying glass to match fingerprints against a list of suspects, water balloon catching, playing a home-made version of putt putt golf with a rubber chicken instead of a putter, and the caterpillar race (teams had to walk a plank as a team).

 Happy birthday to my beautiful, adventurous daughter Shay.  You make my heart sing.

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