mothering – practicing what i preach

They paid me back for all the times i set them a challenge and encouraged them through it… the family set me the task of learning to rip stick for Mother’s Day! Not quite the afternoon with a cuppa and cake at my craft desk that i imagined… LOL.  Yes rip sticking is as hard as it looks! Yes it is as unstable as it looks and yes i was terribly scared of falling down and breaking something, but i did it anyway.  So often i say ‘Do something everyday that you don’t want to do!’   Time to practise what i preach.

After 1 hours tuition from hubby and the 3 kids i kind of had the hang of it.  I can glide about 8 metres (down a  gentle slope) and turn awkwardly to the left and to the right.  I looked stiff and uncoordinated and i don’t have that smooth body/hip wiggle that my son excels at, but i gave it my best shot.  My family are such good encouragers and should have been hoarse from cheering for me – they are so precious.

Mothers Day: 3 meals i didn’t have to cook, a whole house i didn’t do one bit of cleaning of, a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Mothers Day to You’ sung to the tune of Happy Birthday, croissants, home-made cards and we spent the morning at the Gold Coast markets (not as a stall holder but as a customers with a gift of cash to spend), walked along the beach with my son collecting shells – perfect.  Thank you i love you all.

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