she had a birthday

She had a birthday!  Eleven years and 4 days ago i gave birth to baby girl who is turning into a most amazing tween.    I didn’t have designer or handstamped gift wrapping, some of the pressies were wrapped in crumpled butchers paper and tied with string (looked chic she will never know that  was pretty much all i could find as i’m not unpacked and i never buy gift paper), all done with love though.  I had to unpack/rat through 6 boxes to find her gifts i’d lovingly bought months ago…


 The early morning birthday treasure hunt tradition had her giggling while she searched for her pressies, the home-made apron i made (at the last minute, first time at my craft desk in about 6 weeks) to go with her Cook Book was a hit and the pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup were to die for.

They ripsticked at the local reservoir, (even Leah had ago), played a terrible game of Badminton (the cheap racquets had the shuttle-cock keep getting stuck in the strings) and ate snacks.

Miss 11 was a bit reluctant to throw the footy with the others til Dad gave her a few private lessons on ‘how not to throw the footy like a girl’, and then they climbed trees… bliss!

The afternoon was spent trampolining and they had a massive water fight that culminated in hubby turning on the high pressure gurney and spraying them all… hee hee!

Mocktails with crushed pineapple, creaming soda, a slice of lime and an umbrella, so cute!  When the drinks were spent we made our own version of frisbee golf: spinning our tiny umbrellas into a nominated glass.  Only 2/6 of us achieved the goal, Brad and Nat now have boasting rights.

The cake wasn’t borrowed off the internet and styled before i took a photo of it during the soft afternoon daylight hours (i didn’t even realize the birthday candles were not unpacked til i went to light them.  A single fat candle from our candelabra had to suffice, and hubby snapped away randomly as we sang loudly with gusto).

 Shay my darling treasured daughter, you light up a room and fill my heart, so blessed to have you in our life!  Happy birthday sweetie!  We love you like crazy.

2 thoughts on “she had a birthday

  1. littlemissaussie says:

    Ah what fun. So glad I could be part of the fun, particularly with Shay’s birthday! You really make me feel so part of the family – thanks Mellies. Great memories, great photos! (although, didn’t realise you had so many snaps of me!)


  2. Seaweedandraine says:

    Happy Birthday Shay!
    Good job Roc, you found the pressies – don’t worry about the wrapping. 🙂 I haven’t moved and I still have difficulty finding pressies at times (they SHOULD be in the pressie box!). Hope you have a great weekend!
    S x0x


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