rained out market day

Markets mean getting up early.  i don’t mind except when it is raining just a little so i drive there, only to um and ah for 45 mins then decide the day will be a wet wipe out so without setting up, i go home.  When i get home i’ve missed my Sunday morning sleep in and i’m wide awake… and i have to unpack the car and then there’s the washing that i was ignoring!

Made a new rockmelon recycled sign to put up in my stall, which of course i didn’t get to show off, so i’m putting blogging it.

It’s 90% complete, i’m still fiddling with a few final touches i have in my head.

Made 100% from things i had lying around the house in my stash: hand cut alphabet letters from when my kids were little, vintage dictionary pages, vintage button, taffeta fabric scraps and netting from a dress i made when i was in year 12, vintage sheet, old picture frame, hessian coffee sack off cut from the bench seat refurbishment, jute twine, vintage scrabble tiles…

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