i won again!


It came par avion, from London, all dressed up with a stamp of Her Royal Highness.

This time i’ve won something for my walls from the amazingly talented Lily from LilyMoon.

Above is Selene and the Dawn Bluebird, my favourite of the two prints i think. 

Lily writes on her blog: ” Selene is the first to break the silence… if I did not know any better I’d say she stays up all night waiting for the first ray of sun to burst through the dark blues of the sky… Today though things were a little different, as Selene did not utter a tweet…Worried obviously by the overwhelming silence at daybreak, I rushed over to her nest to find her busily arranging her newly laid eggs with her beak and bursting with motherly pride… ”  Blue is my favourite colour and Dawn is my middle name so this is my perfect print.

To me birds speak of strength & freedom and nurture & that overwhelming heart-clenching love that you feel when you hug your children into your neck.   These print also make me want to pick up a paintbrush and just paint something, so very inspiring Lily, thanks so much for your generosity.

Swings are magnets.  Every time i go to the park and there is a swing, i wait until little kids tire and i heave myself onto it.  From the moment i start swinging my heart is happy.  I’ve always wanted a swing with vines and flowers growing on it (think The Secret Garden…)   The prints need framing and my walls need painting but such exquisite art will brighten up my house like a rainbow kaftan on a clothes line full of whites.  Snail mail i love you, you are sunshine.

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