number 9

Tick.  Sigh!  Number 9 of 12 completed, finished, done, accomplished, wrapped up!

Finally a house of our own, a place to lay our heads and our hearts, so excited, been waiting for this for quite a few years now.

The one i love always carries me over the threshold the first time we enter our new place, its our little ritual.  As he’s got chronic back issues it’s a quick jump up and a quick place down inside the door these days, but  it’s still as sweet as the first home we bought together.

It’s a renovator so there goes my spare time, all my creative juices must be poured into our little house for now.  Hubby and i are currently camped in the lounge room while our room is being painted and carpeted.

I couldn’t resist taking a pic of hubbys artwork… i am spoilt! 

The internet has finally been put on at home,  so sick of internet cafe and using the library internet, missed all your blogs will endeavour to do mass readings and commenting in the next two weeks while it’s school holidays.


One thought on “number 9

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    Waaahoooo! So excited by the developments. I think that is totally adorable that B1 carries you over the threshold (I wouldn’t ask B2 to do that with huge size I am right now, let me tell you! Bubba # 3 is making me feel a bit ungainly at times!) Love the artwork – are you sure you wouldn’t consider painting a frame around it? 😉
    I look forward to more house pics – we don’t mind if you’re not sewing, there are lots of different creative outlets, and a house reno features right up there with the rest! 🙂
    Blessings for your new home.
    S x0x


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