snail mail for the soul

A bundle of letters arrived on an envelope post marked India. The whole family stopped everything we were doing to read together our special snail mail.

 4 letters from Manoj, one from Sarina and one from Monika, and three delightful handmade Christmas cards from our sponsor children.

See the details of the hand cut butterflies carefully glued in place by Manoj?  Wonderful to see such care taken by an almost-13-year old boy.  He is so affectionate he writes that he loves us every time and he is overflowing with gratitude that he gets a uniform, text books, gets good food and gets to go to boarding school.  He took the time to write an individual letter to each of our kids who try to write frequently.  He signed their letters your brother Manoj.  He signed my letter with love and kisses from your sponsor child.   I’m getting teary just typing about it.

Can one individual make a difference?  Yep, we make the difference in the lives of 3 brown-eyed, under privileged kids in the far off country of India.  We sponsor through Helping Hand Welfare Society. 




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