Hubby wa sitting at his desk when he heard an almighty crash in the garden outside his window.  Upon investigation he discovered that this kamikaze Bunya Nut had plummeted from a very tall tree planted in the neighbour’s yard and fallen into our garden.

We put it in the sun to dry out to see if it would open like a pinecone.  It did in less than a week the sections fell apart to show Bunya Nuts.  I believe they can be roasted  (if  i can open the next layer of shell) and eaten.  It is very heavy, you would not want to walk under the tree when these nuts are ripening!!!

My neighbours gave us a container full of macadamia nuts in their shell to crack.  They just happen to be my favourite nut so i spent 30 minutes with  a hammer (much faster than the nut cracking contraption she had given me to try out, couldn’t even screw it down hard enough to crack the hard shell and i’m no weakling!)

After 30 minutes with the hammer this is all i had to show for my sweat!  It was pretty ambitious starting out with such a big jar!!!

 Ok, Ok, so i didn’t hit the nut first time every time… and there were some rotten ones i threw into the garden… and some needed quite a few whacks… and I ATE SOME!!!!

2 thoughts on “nuts

  1. CHD says:

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I have a very big bowl of macadamia nuts (mostly as a decoration). They take so long to crack, but when I need some my husband can get through quite a few. We use a B.O.N.K cracker, as mentions above. It works very well and is a hit with my kids and visiting children who go straight to my Macadamia bowl and get cracking when they are here.


  2. Seaweed & Raine says:

    If you have a vice and a screwdriver, use that instead of a hammer – most of your nuts will come out intact. Mmmm yum! Just put it in the vice and tighten till cracks appear. Stick the screwdriver in the crack and give it a twist. (Can’t recall if we took it out of the vice or not to do that part – we have a B.O.N.K. industrial styled nut cracker which works a treat – but before that, there was the vice). Happy munching! 🙂


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