snake wrangling

Australia is famous for its deadly snakes, we have up to 5 of the top ten world’s deadliest snakes… but i’d rather see a snake in my garden than a spider.  This week is saw both.  I got up early to do some whipper snipping before breakfast and as i am cutting  a particularly bushy section i found i had walked into a spider web.  i quickly brushed off the web that had draped across my face but as i turned my head the big bodied spider that was the master weaver jumped onto my shoulder and ran up my neck.  Now i am not a screamer but i nearly let loose as i whipped off my cap and brushed frantically up and down my body to get rid of it. I still get a little shiver just thinking about it!

THEN…as if that wasn’t enough excitement before breakfast,  as i walked back toward the house a medium-sized Green Tree Snake practically slithered over my shoes.  So i called the whole family down to see the harmless snake.  A few hours later as my brother backed his car out the driveway he saw this massive snake in our garden.

It is was a common non-venemous Carpet Python, but it was a very impressive size (at least 6 feet).  See the impressive bulge in its tummy?  My naturalist brother thinks it most likely ate a Fruit Bat which is one its food sources.

Hubby was not so keen on having it live on our property so my brother Jeff calmly picked it up!!!

i don’t know who was more impressed, the 4 children or my hubby!  It was quite beautiful, its skin pattern was amazing.  The snake was in a good mood (probably due to its full tummy) and went into the pillowcase without a fuss.  It was taken 1km away to some bushland and released.

We are making sure the screen doors remain shut at all times so as not to find a slithery surprise in the house.  How amazing, for 12 months we haven’t seen a snake, then we see two in one day!!!!

Disclaimer: This man has a lot of experience with handling snakes, please don’t try this at home!  The majority of snake bites occur when people are attempting to move or kill snakes, so show some respect and just  give them a wide berth.

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